Mid-mornings and mid-afternoons are easy times to fall into your favorite delicious snacks or as I like to call, the “Starbucks trap.” That latte tastes and smells so good, and since you’re there already, why not have a biscotti, or even better, a scone?

Yes, sounds delicious. But wait, not so fast. Did you forget about those extra pounds you’ve been trying to get rid of for months? Most importantly, what about your mental health? Both coffee and sugar are stimulants so if the stresses of work are not enough load for you, with these “little snacks” you’ll be putting a lot more stress into your nervous system.

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I get really mad when I see antacid commercials on TV. It’s frustrating to see how much misinformation is put out there for the people to consume and in most cases, assume this information is true.

As I explained in an earlier blog, my years of struggles with a faulty digestion were only conquered through a holistic approach that included a healthy diet and some natural supplements.

Let me say it plain and simple: most of us do not suffer from too much stomach acid. It’s totally the opposite: the majority of the people suffering from common “indigestion” and heartburn are really suffering from low stomach acid.

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Have you ever sprained an ankle, hit your head really bad, or have simply gotten a splinter on a finger? Within a few minutes or hours after the injury, you most likely developed some of the common signs of inflammation: pain, redness, swelling, heat, and sometimes loss of movement or function.

Acute inflammation is a short-term process and believe it or not, it is actually a good sign because it shows that the body has started the healing process.

However, inflammation is not always so obvious. There is something called chronic low grade inflammation, which can silently affect every cell in your body. Among its causes are diet (especially one with excess sugar intake), free radicals, heavy metals and bacteria.

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